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Dare [userpic]

I have a major time announcement to say, as I x-post this entry throughout my comms:

Personal details aside, I have finally reached a positive conclusion with my long-term internet access issue. If all goes right, I should be online fully and freely by next Wednesday. (The installation is on next Tuesday, so timing might be tricky.) Rest assured, I'll be posting plenty, doing some long-awaited catching up and other things.

I can now finally say with certainty that it is almost over. Huzzah. Thank you all for bearing with me and the protracted inconvenience. I will do major revamping/cleaning up, as this comm will be one of my top priorities in 2011. The others are fine, so I can devote the proper attention the comm deserves.

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Dare [userpic]

I figured to address this, as I caught this on a F-List community (the 1 sentence comm, if you must know).

You all may have heard about the Malware Virus spreading around LJ. If not, here's a little rundown on it:

The virus is targeting communities. It generates a mod-ish looking post informing the members that the community is being closed, and then deletes all the community's entries. The post includes a couple of links which, when clicked, will infect the clickee, compromising their personal info as well as their f-list.

So, this is just a note to tell you all that WE ARE NOT CLOSING, and if you see anything resembling this that does not come strictly from the mods, please let the LJ support team know.

If anyone catches such a thing, let me know (or it's that's dire, go straight to LJ support).

Thank you.

Update: I've been posting this on my other Mod-run communities, and a member of one of them informed me about this.

It's not a virus, it's a hacker. By the way, I've seen AT LEAST three different versions of this, so it might even be a hoax.
I've interacted with the member before, so I trust em. Unfortunately, we still have to go through the motions, as computer wankery is "srs bizness," as the kids say.

Update 2 (3/13): Apparently, LJ has made an official announcement on the matter.

Link: http://news.livejournal.com/114123.html

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Dare [userpic]

As per the subject line above, here is the second Claim entry (so I can track of said claims). For those familiar with the previous one, there won't be much surprise, per se -- I'll only clarify or add things from my end.

Series: TOS, SVU, CI, TBJ, Conviction, Crossover
Claim: Please use first and last names.
Type: character, couple, friendship, threesome

Series: I'm becoming aware of the subtle spinoffs (Deadline, New York Undercover, plus whatever show Munch is in, at the moment). I'm also aware of recent projects, like L&O: UK (or L&O: London, if you prefer). As long as it's related enough to the L&O universe, feel free to write on it.

Claim characters: Anything and anyone is fair game. My only caveat is if you're going to use a character-of-the-day or a really obscure character, you may have to jog my memory. Otherwise, I'm essentially aware of everybody.

Type: There is plenty to go around: slash, gen fic, lemon, hetero romance, friendship, action/adventure and/or overall dark themes. All I'll say is be as specific as possible, though, you don't need to indulge into major spoilers of your story, either. Of course, do try to have the appropriate warnings, on hand (lack thereof may result in reprimand or other punishment).

The following will be my take on the overall claim aspects. Anything else will be settled on a case-by-case basis.

1. If you want to claim a pair of characters, or multiple ones, fine by me. As long as you label whom will be most prominent and can keep track of everyone, that's perfectly fine.

2. If you decide to use a specific table for your Livejournal or site, I've no problem, as long as you credit the comm. Nevertheless, I won't pester you if you elect not to.

3. If two or more people have their eyes on a specific character, at the same time, I'll be flexible. That said, I don't care to process 50 Jack McCoy claims, however, I won't hold it against you if you have the burning desire to write him.

This may or may be updated, as I do devise these rules as I go. I'll wait until there are enough new claims to justify commission of a new "Claimed" character entry. Other than that, enjoy claiming your stake.

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Dare [userpic]

I'll forego any detailed explanations on my absence and/or lack of activity. Long story short, the summer and early Autumn dumped a fair share of wankery onto me, but it's being resolved, as I speak. So, for the fall, I plan to re-double my efforts for the comm, as I hope that will be enough of an apology. I do have some concepts I plan on implementing, if possible.

1. I'm going to re-commission a new Claim entry. As a result, the email alert will inform me immediately, and I can process your claim, right away. I'm quite expedient with email, so I hope that will assuage you somewhat. I'll do the entry before the night is done.

2. With the influx of recent episode titles, I'm debating on producing a new table. I'd like to do an open thread on it, with people suggesting new episode titles and do the back and forth. Let me know what you think.

3. I should clean up the profile, or, at least, clear up the dead links (or tinker with them, like the new Claim entry). That will be done before the week's over.

I do want to have the place active, due to both the Mothership and CI returning next month. So, there is plenty to write about. If I haven't said it as implicitly in the past, write whatever or whomever you wish (i.e., slash, het, gen fic, both canon and non-canon). Providing it doesn't get you arrested, it's all fine with me.

That's all I have to say.

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Betty Fucking Crocker, M.D. [userpic]

Title: The Morning After
Author: The Archbishop of Canterberry
Theme/ Set:  SVU: 019.  Chat room
Rating:  PG
Claim & Additional Pairing:  Olivia Benson & Don Cragen
Warning:  This is a sequel to Intoxication, now this is the morning after.
Word Count:  1581

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Betty Fucking Crocker, M.D. [userpic]

Title: Liquid Embrace
Author: Rudyard Kipling
Theme / Set: SVU: 04. Intoxication
Rating: NC-17
Claim + Additional Character: Olivia Benson + Mystery Guest! Read to find out!
Warning: OH MY GOD! Where do I start? First off, this isn't canon, at least, not that I could ever see - but since when has that stopped me? That's right, never. My quest in this fic was two fold.

1) Smut, pure and simple, yeah, okay so there's a hook, but that's like saying that "the cable is broke and she needs someone to come over and fix it" is a hook for a porno. Its not, its a convenient way to bring a person with an "A tab" into close proximity with a person who has a "B slot" so they can put two and two together.  Of course, in the end, she ends up with a money shot but the cable is still out.  Bummer.  (If you don't know what a money shot is, well, comment and we'll have a talksie.)

2)  The weirdest / oddest Olivia Pairing ever.  This was weird, even for me, to write - and I had to think about other character when I wrote it because it made me feel dirty.  Honestly, it was like writing porn about Santa Claus.  If you can find an odder pairing then this, please, tell me.  I am dying to know. 

So this is to be taken with a grain of salt, okay, a big grain of salt, and the reason why I need keepers.

Olivia's cable goes out, someone shows up to fix it.
Word Count: 2901

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Dare [userpic]

I've finally updated all the Memories, so all the late 06/all of 07 entries are covered at last. I haven't updated the tags, and I will, once I get the knack of the various tables. Either way, I know where to start, so no worries.

Also, I'm debating on starting a new "Completed claims" entry. I say that, for I can't re-edit the original with the newer claims (stupid LJ standards). Let me know on that.

And, since I'm very active, I'd say go ahead and resume posting in the "staking your claims" thread. I should be able to tender a reply to you in only a few hours or less.

Suggestions on formatting are fine, for I'm still working my way around. That's all. Thanks.

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Betty Fucking Crocker, M.D. [userpic]

Title:  Night of the Storm V
Author:  Morgan Fairchild
Theme / Set:  SVU:  21.  Repression
Rating:  PG-13
Warning:  PG-13 for language, and some sexual reference.  Not much, you know how it goes.
Summery:  A continuation of the Night of the Storm Series.
Word Count:  765

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Dare [userpic]

Now that I've been officially promoted this weekend, I can fully introduce myself.

Greetings, everyone, I'm dark_weezing. I'll be your sub-Mod during woodlandelf's LJ hiatus for however long (I wish you luck on that, woodland). Some of you know me, some of you don't. I know some of you, and I look forward to knowing the rest of you.

I know the most of the layout, and even if not, I'm not doing any major tear downs by any means -- I'm just maintaining the status quo. That said, pardon me while I search the nooks and crannies of the comm in the present meantime, and do Memory updating when I have a chance. I'm familiar with LJ modding, for I run my own "Law & Order" community, Same Side of the Law. If you're a Jack and/or Abbie fan, go there.

For those who want a review, I'm fluent in more or less all the shows, but the Mothership is my main shtick (I'll work on Trial by Jury). And I'll get to writing one of these, eventually. Beyond that, if there is a problem on board or I'm off on my Modding, I'm reachable on the usual channels:

IM: Gelmatoid
Email: gelmatoid@aol.com

As for staying after woodlandelf fully returns, I have no clue. So, you can now go about your business, and keep on writing. Thank you.

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Betty Fucking Crocker, M.D. [userpic]

Title:  The Night of the Storm
Author:  Anton Szandor LaVey (if you get the reference you win)
Theme/Set:  18. Desperate
Rating:  NC-17
Claim + Additional Pairing:  Olivia Benson + Mystery man
Warning:  Language, rape, sex, all that good stuff that was missing in the first two parts of this series.  C'mon, you honestly thought I would hold back?
Word Count: 1979

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